Manufacturer of light letters, neon advertisement

3D LUMEN TECHNIK is a reliable producer of light advertisement as well as a dynamic and constantly developing company with traditions in creating the professional image of companies.

We have many years of experience in this field. The base of our activity is a team of creative and ambitious people. We complete each project with passion, new ideas and precision, which helps us to acquire a group of new and satisfied customers.

We work with innovative projects of innner and outer advertisement. Customers` needs are treated individually- each time we introduce a unique solution. We are willing to work with complex projects, involving new ideas and experiments.

Light advertisement is our speciality.

We specialise in production of neons, spatial letters and advertising panels. Reasonable solutions, using both traditional and modern technologies, best materials, reliable work guarantee, that our advertisements will serve for many years. We create advertisements which will draw your attention and have unique shapes. We offer you products of the highest quality, which will meet expectations of the most demanding customers. Thanks to cooperation with our company you gain interesting advertising solutions for your company and services.

We work in Poland and we implement foreign projects.

Our strengths:

Qualified Staff

Qualified designers, programmers, graphic designers deal passionately with new challenges, they create unique projects.

New machine park

Thanks to a new machine park we create outside advertisements from aluminium and plastics, which are a professional image of our custmers.

Complex production

From the project and visualisation through the production to installation.


We cooperate with companies, advertising agencies and individual customers in the country and abroad, offering highest quality products, which fulfill all demands.

Long-term experience

We have long-term experience in accomplishments of graphic projects and installation of light advertisements. Many famous companies trusted us: Allianz, House, CroppTown, Inter Cars, Mohito.

Our offer:

The range of our services is very wide. Our company can make projects and produce even the most sophisticated forms of advertisements. Our offer includes:

Making projects and visualisation

Each advertisement designed by our company is visualised in graphic programmes.

Spatial backlit letters

They are made of aluminium, plexi, and PCV. They are lit by led modules, fluorescent lights, neon lights. They can be lit from front or back, but they can also light aside.

Spatial, not backlit letters

Spatial form of letters are made of aluminium, plexi, PCV.


Outside and inside neons

They are built of glass pipe, filled with gas ( Argon or Neon). Neons are a unique form of lit advertisement.

Illuminated panels

Illuminated panels are made of aluminium profile, plexi or can be made of aluminium sheet or dibond. We offer both sided light boxes and double-sided light boxes so called semaphores.

Spatial light boxes

Their characteristics is that the particular shining parts of advertisement stick beyond the light box surface, which create the image of a spatial advertisement. Shining elements are cut of plexi and put through the milled inscription in the face of a light box.

Light boxes with stretched front

It is advised when we need large light advertisement or lighting the graphics in full colour or gaining large light advertisement without connections.


Pylon otherwise known as a totem is lit or non-lit adevertisement usuallly located on the entrance of the company premises, business park or driveway. Usually they are made of dibond, painted aluminium or plexi with foiled graphics or digitally printed vinyl.


Our sevices also include:

  • design and realization of aluminium, acid resistant steel,steel constructions
  • installation
  • milling services with CNC milling-machine in all kinds of plastics, aluminium, wood and soft materials like styrodur.
  • welding by TIG or MIG method
  • engraving in plexi


What is neon?

Neons are lamps built of a glass pipe filled with gas ( Argon or Neon). Depending on the type of gas filling the pipe and the pipe`s colour, neons are shining in different colours. Those lamps were invented by Georges Claude in 1910 and till nowadays this is the most recommended form of advertisement, which cannot be replaced in any way.

We can say that neons are the most unique light advertisement. Each neon is designed and produced individually, so we can easily say that having such an advertisement, guarantee that the neighbour will not buy the same. People who have or want to have this form of advertisement are fully aware of that fact.

Reading the above description it would seem that the neon advertisement is a very expensive investment and it is even not worth trying to ask about the price. This belief is a mistake,but you have to check it yourselves.

What is a spatial, backlit letter?

It is one of the most interesting and prestigious form of a light advertisement. They are made of aluminium, plexi, PCV, and they are backlit by led modules, fluorescent lamps or neons. We have several profiles of spatial letters:

  • Profile O1- it is one of the cheapest profiles with the 3D effect, front and side of the letter are made of powdercoated aluminium sheet painted in any colour from RAL palette, without lighting. Letters are installed to the wall by mounting brackets.
  • Profile 3-front and side of the letter are made of powdercoated aluminium sheet, painted in any colour from RAL palette, at the back, there is plexi in any colour, most often backlit by led diods. The back of the letter is shining, which makes the ”light aura” in the letter background.
  • Profile 4-back and the side of the letter are made of powdercoated aluminium sheet, painted in any colour from RAL palette. Fronts are from colourful plexi or milk (it can be covered with transluscent foil), installed by aluminium frame, backlit by led diods or neons. The front of the letter is shining.
  • Profile 5- back and the side of the letter are made of powdercoated aluminium sheet, painted in any colour from RAL palette, installed to the wall by elkamet, backlit by led diods or neons,the front of the letter is shining.

What is needed to cost valuation?

To price the advertisement correctly we need from our customers:

  • the picture of the building or a shop window, where the advertisement should be placed
  • any size of a window, door, which is in the picture

If you do not know what type of advertisement to choose, two beneath suggestions will help you to decide

  • On the client`s demand cataloguing or visualization of the advertisement in a given place is shown. This project is given in 1:1 scale.
  • Visualization is made after seeing the object both during day and night

What is the time of advertsiement production?

It depends on the size of advertisement and the way of production

  • Neons from 5-10 working days
  • Spatial letters from 10-14 working days
  • backlit panels from 8-12 working days
  • Boards, sign boards from 5-8 working days

Our clients:


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